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Understanding that substance abuse and addiction leads to many mind and mood changes which affects families, businesses, schools and our communities as a whole. We provide the 3 tier solutions to identify the problems, and offer long term solutions to combat them.

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Our Program is designed in 4 stages that address the 12 steps to recovery but more importantly is backed by evidence based methods that brings about greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

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NowWhat Relapse Prevention APP

World's first accountability tool to ensure for long term recovery and providing evidence success rates to Rehabilitation Facilities around the world. Join the Recovery Community here.

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Your Complete Solutions guide to long term recovery from Substance Abuse

We have come up with a 3-tier recovery plan to assist Employers of any size, to firstly Test your employees that show signs of substance abuse – We then have a Recovery Programme to put the person that requires help, a non-evasive programme that they can do from their own home, without huge fees of a live-in rehabilitation centre. This comes with lectures and counselling and can be complete in 3-4 months. We then have a Relapse Prevention App that keeps the person true to their recovery and adds self-confidence and accountability to themself, their family, and their employer.


- We provide online counselling through our Recovery Program.
- Relapse Prevention App for Long Term Recovery
- Help building your new lifestyle


- Develop your emotional intelligence to manage life's ever growing stresses.
- Have access to our FREE educational podcasts
- Get our bank of E-books available through our Online Recovery Program


- Always keep yourself safe by linking your loved ones to your recovery process.
- Have access to an emergency button for those days where you are triggered
- Inform your sponsor daily of your emotional, mental and physical state to remain safe and aware.

Are you or a loved one battling with substance abuse?

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This program has been designed to provide complete healing from poor self esteem, negative beliefs and destructive thought patterns that develop painful emotions that lead to self destructive behaviour patterns.

How Would A Relapse Prevention App Help Maintain Your Recovery?

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Our Vision

To be the source of offering everyone the means to Recovery and maintain free from Substance abuse

Our Mission

To provide everyone in the world the tools and solutions for long term success in the journey of recovery

Our services

We have created numerous tools to detect the problem, to allow everyday people access to a Recovery program filled with lectures, podcasts and personal one on one consultations with experienced councillors which is all there to address a multitude of mental health issues and lastly a Relapse prevention mobile app that's keeps the Recovery real with daily journaling, daily tasks, random drug test updates as well as an emergency Help me button and active location that can save lives

Why Us


Why Us

NowWhat Recovery System(FAQ's)

1. As an employer you want to ensure your organization operates?

As an employer you want to ensure your organization operates smoothly and safely. Substance abuse is rife today. How do you ensure your employees are substance free whilst at work – allow us to provide the solutions.

2. If you are suspicious, there are testing methods?

If you are suspicious, there are testing methods to support your suspicion. We have multi-drug and alcohol tests. You can order 8 panel dip cards, or 12 panel cup tests.

3. But cannot afford the costs of treatment?

but cannot afford the costs of treatment, or a long-term stay outside of work responsibilities. You may be struggling with substances, and this pack can help you run your business, stay at home, fulfill responsibilities, etc. If you, or an employee, or someone you know needs help, this programme is tailor made for you.

4. How do I know if the relevant individual is fulfilling his/her responsibility?

How do I know if the relevant individual is fulfilling his/her responsibility? This is where the Relapse prevention app is used. This app provides accountability, as well as reports on regular testing results and activities completed daily. Please see the App page for more info.

5. So why make use of online services?

A small percentage can afford rehabilitation costs, and the medical aids usually only pay for 21 days of treatment. The advantages for this programme is little disruption to daily responsibilities, work in the comfort of your own home, a full online recovery programme that has a multitude of lectures and subjects pertaining to the need of the client, and also includes a one-on-one counselling session per week for a reasonable fee. We believe everyone can get help.


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